The Carson Water Subconservancy District offices house a physical library. The items listed in the library indicate the physical document stored at the library. A link is provided for all documents that are also digitally archived.

How We Organize Our Library:

The CWSD Library contains five main document types: Audiovisuals, Books & Periodicals, Historical Documents, Maps & Posters, and Reports.

Don’t be confused by the shelf location designation; they help us find a resource you are looking for. Just make a note of it when you come in, or contact us.

Library Help Line: (775) 887-1260

Search Tips:

Search for documents by entering the title, author, publisher, or year it was published in the “Search Resources” field below.

For a combined-category search, use the plus (+) sign: 1997 + Maurer;

Enclose all words of a search phrase in quotation marks: 2012 + “Carson Valley Groundwater Model”

Still having trouble finding a document you are looking for? Please call the CWSD office at (775) 887-1260.