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Outreach and Education is a core element of the integrated watershed planning process. Educating our citizens, including our decision makers, students, educators, and land owners is critical to promote understanding and awareness of watershed resources and issues. Carson Water Subconservancy District (CWSD) and the Carson River Coalition (CRC) Education Working Group work cooperatively on educational programs and projects to implement this guiding principle. In 2015, the CRC created the Watershed Literacy Action Plan. The programs and projects seek to educate citizens through action oriented, hand’s-on activities that engage and connect us to our watershed.  Long-term, the CRC Education Working Group is hopeful that we can achieve the following vision:

Carson River Coalition’s Education Working Group’s Vision for the future…

A Carson River Watershed community that believes their behavior impacts watershed-wellness and applies their knowledge to act in ways that benefit the Watershed as a whole.

CWSD works with our partners to coordinate, plan and fund outreach and education actions and activities. The Carson River Watershed Map has been updated and is currently being aligned with the Nevada Academic Content Standards.  The standards for each grade are listed below, and constantly being added to.  The complete list of standards for each grade is coming soon! Lesson plan summaries will be available soon as well.

Nevada Academic Content Standards by grade level:

The Carson River Explore Your Watershed map can be incorporated into your curriculum and directly correlate to the Nevada Academic Content Standards to meet specific needs in each grade level.  The standards that are applicable are listed by grade level below and are linked to the Nevada Department of Education website for more information.  We hope you enjoy exploring your watershed!


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First Grade

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Second Grade

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Third Grade

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Fourth Grade

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Fifth Grade

Science Standards: Math: Writing: History: Geography:
5ESS2 MP2 W5.7 H3.5.5 G5.5.3
5ESS3 MP4 W5.8 H1.5.1 G5.5.5
RI5.7 5GA2 W5.9 H1.5.2
SL5.5 3-5ETS1-2 H1.5.3


Lesson Plans:

Carson River Watershed Lesson Fifth Grade