Carson Water Subconservancy District (CWSD) maintains resources regarding the Carson River Watershed.  These resources include a physical library which is housed in the CWSD office.  CWSD staff is also compiling a photo inventory which to be available on Flickr.  Eventually, videos pertaining to the watershed will also be available on YouTube.
CWSD maintains a physical library documents which are available for checkout. If these documents are available in digital form, a link is provided in the library. Check out the library link to find a document pertinent to your subject of interest.
The types of documents that reside in the CWSD Library are divided into 5 main categories: Audiovisuals, Books & Periodicals, Historical Documents, Maps & Posters, and Reports.  These categories contain:
Audiovisuals: CD, DVD, Video Tape, & all other Electronic Media;
Books & Periodicals: Book, Periodical, Workbook;
Maps & Posters: Map, Poster, Atlas, Drawing;
Historical Documents: Correspondence, Interview, Directory; and
Reports: Appendices, Handbook, Pamphlet, Professional Papers, Proposal, Report, Resource Manual, Specification, Proceedings.