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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, April 19, 2021 

Carson Water Subconservancy District Releases Second Video Empowering Nevadans to Better Protect Drinking Water

  • In advance of Earth Day 2021, the second video of the I Am Carson River Watershed campaign asks Nevada residents’ to be aware of behaviors to keep our drinking water clean –

CARSON CITY, Nev. (Monday , April 19, 2021) –  The Carson Water Subconservancy District (CWSD) is releasing the second video, “Water Connects Us All”, in its “I Am Carson River Watershed” PSA campaign, to inform Nevadans about the importance of protecting the health of their drinking water and their watershed. Timed to be public for Earth Day on April 22, the video incorporates more than 40 local and recognizable faces who share with viewers where our drinking water comes from and the steps individuals can take to protect the quality of their drinking water.


“Last year I think Nevadans were reminded of how lucky we are to have our health and access to the outdoors, said Brenda Hunt, Watershed Program Manager of the Carson Water Subconservancy District. “This new video reminds us how we are all connected through our most precious natural resource, water, and by protecting this resource, we are taking care of our health and the health of our watersheds.”


The “I Am Carson River Watershed Campaign” is funded through Clean Water Act 319(h) funds with support from Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and CWSD. It is designed to increase watershed awareness and education. The “Water Connect Us All” video showcases simple actions we can all undertake to benefit the drinking water in our watershed. This video stresses how important it is for each of us to protect our groundwater since it is our main source of our drinking water. “By taking a couple of simple actions every day, you can make sure your drinking water stays protected,” said Hunt. “By routinely recycling your motor oil, curbing chemical use in your home & yard, picking up trash and pet waste, and draining gutters into your yard; you protect the quality of our drinking water for tomorrow.”


“Water Connects Us All” follows the first video in the campaign series, which invited residents on “A Walk Through the Watershed”. This first video is available in English and Spanish. It defines what a watershed is and maps out the many ways watershed health affects our community’s quality of life.

“Many of the video’s speakers came out to show their support under extremely stressful pandemic circumstances, and we are grateful for their time and energy,” said Hunt. “We hope residents throughout our community follow their lead and take action to keep our drinking water healthy.  “Water Connects Us All” is just over a minute, so it’s perfect to add to your playlist for Earth Day.”

To watch the videos go to To learn more about CWSD, access our interactive ‘Explore Your Watershed’ map, or Kindergarten through grade 8 watershed curriculum, visit For media inquiries, contact Rachel Gattuso, APR at or (775) 336-9453.


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Carson Water Subconservancy District

777 East William Street, Suite 110A

 Carson City, Nevada 89701

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2021 Watershed Wednesdays Forum –Weaving Water Quality into All We Do

Carson City, NV– The Carson Water Subconservancy District (CWSD) is hosting Carson River Coalition’s “Watershed Wednesdays,” a free virtual forum series spanning the five Wednesdays in March! Each Watershed Wednesday will have a unique theme where speakers share their knowledge, programs, and projects focused on the Carson River Watershed. Weekly themes are Education and Outreach (3/3), Recreation (3/10), Floodplain Protection (3/17), Climate Resilience (3/24), and Floodplain management (3/31). Each virtual session will premiere on the Carson River Watershed YouTube Channel before 8am on their specified days. At 11:30am, CWSD will host a live Zoom Q & A session with the week’s speaker panel. More details on specific speakers and their topics will be provided in the next few weeks.

CWSD is hosting Watershed Wednesdays as a speaker series throughout March, instead of its typical 2-day Spring Carson River Watershed Forum. Speakers will include non-profit organizations, government agencies, private citizens, and landowners providing a comprehensive view of the morning’s topic. Participants can watch presentations on CWSD’s YouTube Channel as they premiere or can enjoy content at their leisure if unable to attend. Each Wednesday at 11:30am everyone is encouraged to sign on for the live Q&A hosted via Zoom to ask questions of our panel of Watershed experts.

Watershed Wednesdays will showcase the immense variety of work being planned and accomplished throughout the Carson River Watershed. “CWSD staff is working with our Carson River Coalition partners to create informative and educational sessions that move participants to act in ways that improve water quality and watershed health,” stated Brenda Hunt, CWSD Watershed Program Manager. Everyone is welcome to join us for Watershed Wednesdays and support our speakers, partners, and the comprehensive efforts being made to improve the Carson River Watershed. To receive updates, links and to register for Watershed Wednesdays click here.